Friday, 14 June 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

"Thu chaap rahaa hai ya ney?" ( Are you publishing or not?) Bhairav yelled at Raj!
"Tum thayyari kaaheki karogey bhaaya! Yahaan hum $%^&* hai ka?... ki hum yahaan baithey rehvey intejaar mein?"
(For what do you need the prep bother? Do we look like fools here? to wait for it eternally?)

"Holi tho kal hi hain ney? Tho?"
( Tomorrow is holi! Right?)

"Accha theek Jai Devi Mayya!"
(OK! Hail the goddess)
He cut the call and yelled "aei Chotey baba ko bulaav"
( Hey call Chotey Baba[shikhar])

Shikhar slowly made it to him!
"Thu thayyari kar BETA holi ki!" ( You make preparations for Holi my son) Bhairav said gloating at his son.
Shikar was so elated thatt he took his country pistol out and fired shots into the air!


Khushi struggled to get free but Arnav wouldn't listen! "Chodiye dard ho rahaa hain!"
( Please let go of me! It hurts)

And then she looked at him with reddened eyes,"Aapney humey katraa!" ( you bit me) She wailed and widened her eyes when Arnav looked at her amusedly!
"Haan tho? Why did you turn your face away?" he demanded!

"Aap kuch bhi karein hum chup baithein ?" ( You want me to keep quiet what ever you do?) she asked
"Chup math baithiye aap bhi kuch keejiye Rani saa!" Arnav drawled wickedly!
( Don't sit tight! You too can do something!)

His phone rang...

Arnav frowned! This number was not known at all to anyone other than Aman! ...And Aman was under strict instructions not to call unless absolutely urgent!
He looked at Khushi and said "Khushi phone dena zara!"( Can you give me my phone).
Khushi fetched it for him! He said "Hello"


tanmay said...

gr8 :) khushi ki timing badhiya hai :)

i wud love to knw wht lavanya told khushi assuming her to b ASR. n i m hoping this one incident wud help her force her way into this arnav-deepu circle.
coz though they seem to b trying to save her.. she too has a gd brain to help them.

i hope they can figure out ki kya karnae wale hain ye log, n rok saken..

i hope arnav n khushi can trust each other enuf.. tht no lavanya, n no raj shighnvi, or shikhar can ever come in between them..

waiting fr the next one..

oh n khushi.. spare maan .. pls.. he really has too much to handle already.. or else mayb this situation of the chapter end. wud help him n megha fix up :)

nimmi said...

nyshhhh update diiii.I would really like u to go with your flow and the way u have planned........for m really enjoying this.....
now coming to today's episode,wonder what is this lavanya upto......
deepthiman really loves her so much,m more worried for him now n khushi as usual is a sweetheart....
she is trying to know about deepthiman's girl but I guess deepthiman is even more stubborn than khushi..........
there was less of arnav today n more of deepthiman n khushi........although I enjoyed their part.
arnav is also being cooperative n giving them their space.........
now eagerly waiting for the next for u let it at the cliffhanger n we also didn't get to know what lavanya revealed to khushi in the phone.........
plz continue soon :)

Prabha L said...

Whoa wat a timing by khushi....y did lavanya called arnav?? Update it soon

Lakshmi said...

yeah i too second every one here...what a timing!! cliff hanger....waiting ....waiting...

Disha said...

What the F is La upto ??
Maan bechara i think ek frustration main bol hi dega who he loves more than his life also!

Now i wonder what excuse they will make to Khushi and her questions !