Monday, 17 June 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Deepthimaan's eyes narrowed and Arnav was mad! He asked her Kya kaha?( What did La say?)
Khushi suddenly realised she could not spell that out before both the men whom she loved a lot and who loved her the most! She could share with her husband but not Maan! Never! How... lewd it was on part of Lavanya to say that! She just stared at Maan!
Arnav immediately understood and said," Never mind!Khushi lets start for SheeshMahal!
"Nahi! What did she say about me and you?" Deepthimaan was not letting go so easily!

"Teddy she is  a B^%$& of the first class so just leave it! I don't think Khushi can ever repeat such talk! You know her better" Arnav said easing Khushi out for which she thanked him with her eyes.


"Aagayi bitiya? NandKishore Arnav Babua kahaan? Fir gaayab? Buaji asked winking at Khushi!
( so you have come my child? where is Arnav? Vanished again?)
Khushi smiled and said," yeh aapko humsey zyaada patha haina Buaji?"
( You know it better than me isn't it?)
Shashi singh walked in saying,"Arnav Babua Chalsa mein  Khushi ko humaarey sath chod gaye hain Deepuwa ke sath! Aur Deepu tho court jaawath rahein inkey kaagazaath zama karwaaney!"
( Arnav left with Deepu after dropping Khushi with me! Deepu went to the court to move the petition).

Garima looked at Khushi and winked 'what's happening?' for which Khushi pasted a smile and winked back meaning all well! She did not want Amma to worry! Arnav would take care of everything!She was hesitant to part with him but he promised he will be back by night! And he said Holi he would celebrate this time with her! And said that Nani ji was also happening with Mami and Akash and Paayal jiji who were just an hour away when they called Babuji an hour back!


tanmay said...

nw i want to knw wht sort of pics r these :)

i like the way arnav understands khushi's unsaid need to b rescued off the situation..

n the whole maan-praising by the ladies :)

n khushi's jealousy.. black was too gd :)

as of pics.. i m sure next one wud give more info :)

GoldenHaze said...

Yaar Thanu maana ki mujhey maan ka character accha lagtha hain per Maan ko praise nahi kiya gaya! Uska mazaak udaaya gaya! Khushi spoke described Arnav instead of Maan which paayal found out:-) Thanks for teh regulat reviews Ms. perfect R.

nimmi(aksuji) said...

umh the way ASR hamdled lavanya was cool.........
and that part khushi,payal,sanju and megha was nice LOL....khushi ko chadha pyar ka bukhar.....
aur ye arnav raj par itna gussa kyu ho gya????

Paramjeet said...

awesome updates from 43 to 45/1... so finally arnav met up with raj singhvi and that was bad news for him.. arnav smashed his head to table.. oh God arnav and his anger and if things involve khushi.. arnav can't control his anger at all.. loved the way arnav spoke to lavanya.. he literally threw her out.. what will be maan and khushi's reaction when they will come to know that their photos were being released to media and arnav was being fed that maan & khushi were cheating on him.. felt bad for friends.. its good that arnav knows everything about his khushi and his friend teddy.. now what is next.. do update soon.. will be waiting anxiously.. what will raj singhvi will do.. loved the updates..

tanmay said...

i agree.. maan ka mazak udaya.. n khushi is too much in love with arnav not to hink abt him every chance she gets :)

bt whn i say u love maan's character the most.. i dont mean tht u r biased... agar aap biased hoti fr his character... to the story wud hv been very different :)

the entire conversation between the 3+1 ladies was too gd :) clearly showing the life they hv shared with each other :)

tanmay said...

oh n btw... being teased behind ones bak is nt really tht bad :) so even this was gd fr maan :)

Lakshmi said...

WOW!!! update Anu.Loved the girls teasing Khushi. Her jealousy , Meghna admiring our ASR...Liked the way ASR handled La...i liked his answer ...ASR style...what's there in the photos??