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Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Deepthimaan was giving a dressing down to Neeraj Mishra when Arnav walked in!
"Mishra! How did you not let Id cards to be issued to people coming in especially after Arnav regularised the staff here?
Mishra said something on the other end...
"----Well! I seem to have a better Idea! I want the centre to handle it rather than you! And...
He saw Arnav and said! "Well lets get together and discuss this!"

He cut the call and then turned to Arnav and said," Hi! Kya hua tha kal!( what happened brief me please) Please brief me!"
Arnav said," Hi! Pehley yeh batha tera hath kaisa hain?"( Howz your hand?)

"Theek hai! Kya photos they woh?"( What were those photos about?) he asked Arnav!
"Thu theek sey Soya Teddy?"( Did you sleep well last night?) Arnav enquired casually!
"Oh! Bindaas! Yahaan aaram hi aaram hain you know?" ( Yep!Its peaceful here)) Deepthimaan said awerting his eyes!
"Oh!"Arnav said, "Bindra ji kya kehthey hain aap?" ( Bindra ji what do you say?)He said....

The security Incharge Nimesh Bindra walked in saying "Sab theek hai saab! Aur uper sey Thakur saab khud raat bhar Majhley Darwaaze pey thainaath they! Kuch patha nahi chala sab kisi key andar aney ke baarey mein!" The later sentence he said facing Deepthimaan who caught his forehead!
( All well sir! How can it not be when thakur saab himself was guarding the Majhla Darwaaza? I could not find out much about any intruder yesterday night)

"Ok! You proved a point!" Deepthimaan said severely! "Tho kya!" ( So what?)
"I was worried for you guys as I saw someone lurking around!" he added as explanation.

"Tho mujhey uthaa dethey! Aisey... akele rath bhar jaagney ki zaroorath kya thi?"Arnav yelled at him and said "Bindra thanks you may go!" and said,....
( You could have told me! Where was the need to guard us waking all night?)

"Thu paagal hain kya!( Are you crazy?) You don't need to do this dude! I feel.... i..."
"I don't care what you feel! If something happens, I will never forgive myself!" Deepthimaan said turning towards a huge mirror on the wall!

He then sudenly turned and said," What happened with Raj singhvi?"
Arnav coolly walked to the stand where newspapers were stacked and took them and spread one before Deepthimaan who was obviously too busy to go through them yet!

Deepthimaan just stared at them and a slow smile emerged on his lips! He looked at Arnav and said "Thats our ASR!"
Arnav smiled and said yeah! It costed me a hotel man! And an angry wife! And...." he just went pale for a second and immediately recovered before Deepu had a whiff of it!

On the front page of Khabar a local best selling daily was the head lines

चल्सा के मुखिया के बेटे की करामात!
( The rendezvous of the village head man's son  of Chalsa)
The Rajasthani said
आज के रावण - शिखर सिंह चंडी!
The Ravan of the present day-Shikhar Singh Chandi)
The Milaap said
कजरी अभी तक अस्पताल पर  उसके गुनेहगार घूम रहे हैं आज़ाद!
(Kajri still in hospital while the culprits roam scot-free)
The Jan Math said
भैरव सिंह चंडी को टिकेट मिलने की आशंका कम!
( Chances low for Bhairav Singh Chandi to get a party ticket)


tanmay said...

gd gd :) sanju n khushi seem to hv tkn up match-mking :) :)

arnav.. like i always say.. is the best out of the lot.. he is mature to nt let out anythg, even whn he is hurting inside.. tht is his faith in his frnd n his wife :)
respect u fr tht raja saa :):)

n deepu.. pls dear.. dont mk him talk abt it.. he wud fight.. coz like every other human.. he needs a vent out too....

i m assuming next update.. we get to knw the exact nature of the pics..
waiting di...

Lakshmi said...

Me too Anu, waiting eagerly to know what's in those pictures?? also what's with holi?? there must be some incident...waiting for u to unfold...

Tanmay ditoo....regarding OUR Raja Saa....he's matured enough to know all in a better way and knows very well to handle also in his own style...ASR style...

Anu, please need teranslation for those news article....sorry dear....

Khushi & Sanju teasing Megha...liked it..

Looking forward...

tanmay said...

i hv always said tht lakshmi.. arnav is the best out of all the characters here..
most balanced, practical, n mature.. though he has his own flaws... bt still he seems to b the best.. atleast to me :):)

as for the translations u askd fr frm di.. i m sure she wud give bt since i m already writing.. i thought i wud add the essence of all the headlines...

it says tht shikhar shigh chandi is out free whn kajri is still in hospital without any justice.. tht shikhar is a bad person comparing him to ravan, n tht there is a very low chance of him getting a ticket to contest elections.

hope tht does..

n di.. though i knw u updated today itself.. i hv still already chkd it abt 3 times.. so i think i wud like to pass on the anxiety.. ;) n wud also like to say.. tk ur time, n dont rush with writing the next update :) :)
humara kya hai.. hum to maangte hi rahenge :) :) ye nahi to kuch aur sahi :) :)

Lakshmi said...

Thank u so much Tanmay, got the meaning....and it's not only u add me also regarding Arnav....

tanmay said...

anu di... i dont knw if its anywhr related to the chapter... bt was listening to 'ye dil tere bin' ;) yes again in loop :):)
n this thot just came up.. n i cudnt do without sharing it with u...

just imagine hw its fr arnav.. he has had a life tht left him with no belief in love... though he does love.. bt he doesnt want to name it.. trying to help his sis.. he ended up falling fr a girl.. who though mature.. still is kiddish at times.. who is kind of insisting upon him saying he loves her.. if nt directly.. then by unintentional indirect references..
he feels guilty of doing wrong by her coz he married her almost by force. ..
n to top it all.. his gd frnd is her best frnd.. n is secretly.. madly in love with her..

he sees their pics.. he gets to knw they we dance partners... her gets to stay in the house tht was very clearly meant to b fr khushi n maan ( calling him maan here since its abt khushi ;) .. u see i did pik a chance :P )

n yte.. inspite of all this.. he is mature n practical.. knws tht deepu n khushi r nt going to cheat him... n so he keeps all his hurt n pain to himself.. he really has noone to share his pain..

he is human.. he is no super hero.. he too feels pain.. he must hv been very upset n angry n hurt whn he saw the pics.. bt he cant talk abt it to khushi.. he cant talk abt it to deepu, or his sis or anyone fr htt matter..

khushi atleast can b childhish n throw some stupid tantrum, walk out on him while he talks to la..
wht i mean is.. she atleast gt to show her feelings.. bt arnav.. he didnt show a thg. . n khushi didnt ask him once...

just imagine wht tht man goes thru.. hw lonely he really might b..

well had he been real.. i wud hv sure let him talk his heart out :):)

just a thot.. i really felt bad fr him..

GoldenHaze said...

You are right Thanu! But I would like to present another perspective! Just look at Arnav! He got the best of both worlds although he erred! A good friend who stands by him with decorum and a wife who madly loves him!Thats destiny! Now Khushi- She was forced into a marriage and well, she found her love finally( Its good coz if she was incompatible with our ASR, then just imagine)
On the other hand, Look at Deepthimaan! He did not take advantage of his proximity with Khushi, position with Jethwas or expertise and his being a local with Arnav! He never over stepped his limits except for the protection of arnav and Khushi! But he lost his love and will never be same with his friend now that Arnav knows about his equation with Khushi! Think about it! I know Arnav is a matured character always even in teh show irrespective of what people thought! But in here Deepthimaan outshines not only coz of his royal background which naturally inculcates certain qualities( I have seen this and the opposite too often) but also for his patience and steadfast nature! I am sorry I love arnav like any other Arshian but truth is truth!

tanmay said...

haan haan i knw u love arnav.. bt u love deeptimaan just a tad bit more ;)

n as of deepu... i never denied his position.. or khushi's fr tht matter...

all i intended to say was.. tht everyone.. absolutely everyone can feel deeptimaan heartache... khushi's dilema.. every single reader can do tht...

bt how many wud hv stopped to ponder over arnav.. just coz he comes across as a strong person.. who can tk cr of himself n others too.. how many hv felt tht a simple song tht all 3 heard.. n pained all 3 of them.. ( ye dil tere bin..) cud hv hd a much deeper impact on him than we perceived..

i m nt saying he has a worse life than deepu or khushi.. bt then he sure has his own share of setbaks..

as of deepu... i agree he lost his love.. bt just like he didnt tk advantage.. arnav too didnt tk adv of the truth n khushi's trust in him. he cud hv easily disclosed deepu's love fr her, n tkn away his frnd too.. yet he didnt.. as as nobel as deepu is.. arnav is no less..
plus he has a loving family.. he has a mom, a sis.. another family in jethwas who r as gd as his own.. arnav did hv a family.. bt wasnt blessed with an equally stable condition to accept the loss of his parents..

there is a lot we can debate upon di... n i knw both of us r sure to b able to prove our heros to b the best..

love to talk to u on this.. bt fr me.. ( n i knw fr a lot of others too) arnav was .. is.. n will always b better ;)

GoldenHaze said...

Hey Thanu! THats a good Analysis but with one correction as I know it to be right as it pertains to my perspective! Deepthimaan's character I like but not the most! For me I like all three plus buaji as well as shyam in this particular FF! A writer is like a mother and there is just a focus on first born an extra attention to the weakling or a hard stance on an erring kid! same with characters!
Now! Arnav and Deepthimaan if you go one by one, then there would be many points both ways! rnav is self made and so aggressive....
Maan belongs to a regal background and is steadfast etc but if you look at teh situation on hand, you said Arnav could have exposed Maan! Never! HE is very shrewd! You know I mostly preserved the characters of Ipkknd and added what they missed out like they showed Khushi to be upright and standing up for herself but very fickle! Not child like mind you! But our Khushi here is elegant but child like with her near and dear which is now Arnav Maan and her parents only!.Arnav is shrewd calculative and matured as well as level headed not idiotic and absolutely muleheaded like in Ipkknd..contd

GoldenHaze said...

...contd... in keeping with teh characterization he had not revealed about Maan! But he is a sensitive person at heart too so he thought for Maana nd encouraged him to open up! Thats as far as it goes for arnav! He will not go out of way like Khushi! He did not reveal about Maan not for Maan alone but about his insecure position too! Remember he and Khushi were into blow hot blow cold phase still! Trust ASR! He never takes a loosing bargain! HE knows Khushi doesnt love Maan! Thats why he is linient and he did not reveal coz he did not see any gain in that! Arnav is cool! He did not reveal about Photos to Khushi- its not required! He does not look at it as a sentimental thing! It was an issue he dealt with it thats all! HE is right by his standards! Deepthimaan would have shared with his wife ASR would not! Trust me,, I can go on! I wrote this FF with so many fine points that go between lines and often see readers just comment

GoldenHaze said...

....That Deepthimaan should have love interest! Arnav should take care of Chandis and Khushi should not be childish! The point is its human interactions we are looking at! Deepthimaan had made his love his life! Its one in a million case! He is irrepairable! In one of the chapters he thinks should i fool myself all my life my people and cheat on another woman just for appearances? Definitely not!
Khushi- she was angry with ASR for not keeping her in loop not finding fault bcoz all her life she could not connect! Nw she is in but still no connect! Khushi has her personality and priority!
Arnav- poor chap wanted to correct went wrong but stood by his decision seeing a gem of a woman! He would never leave whats best and ofcours his! So I can go on... ha ah ah

tanmay said...

i agree.. like i said... i love arguing with u over this :):)

u got my sms abt the LISTENER'S opinion naa :):)

everythg u said is pretty clear by the way u put fwd ur characters... n i agree very very clearly with wht u said abt sharing...
deeptimaan wud hv shared it with his wife, ASR wudnt.. he has nt learned to do so..

as of characters .. or fr tht matter situation.. i like tht u hv written a very realistic story.. u knw the effect it has fr me :):) i literally can visualise thgs.. :):)

bt then like life.. everyone understand n sees a situation as per their own beliefs n understanding..
same goes with me.. though i wudnt deny one thg.. ever... like u said. the r ur babies.. n u knw them better than any of us...

n i like buaji n payal n shyam too..

bt .. bt... bt.... :):):):):D i love arnav more :))))

GoldenHaze said...

don't we all thanu and to be honest thats how it should be as in real world, we are all flawed and none is perfect so no harm in loving our hearts will! As of now I love you for reading my work and always trying to pep me up through discussions on characterizations! What more can a writer ask for! Thank you so much for giving me the satisfaction of writing in the first place as I feel blessed taht someone reads it... and better than I write...god bless!!!

tanmay said...

ab aap embarass kar ri ho... i love hving a discussion.. with u... i love my attempts at teasing u.. though i fail miserably everytime :)

n the most imp pt nw... before i convert ur comment space into a chat box.. iw ud shift this discussion to an actual chat box :):)

love u di :)