Saturday, 29 June 2013


Pic Credit:SSNAIR

Deepthimaan was already in the office and was working on the security update at seven in the morning when Garima walked in with tea!
"Bitua! Woh chodo aur chai pilev!" ( Son! Leave all thar and have tea) She said and he looked up from his work and said,"I will have it Maasi!"

"Nahi! Abhai pilo" ( Nope! NoW!) she insisted as she knew he will forget!
Deepthimaan just took the cup and Garima asked," Bahut chintaa karath ho na ?
( You are worried isn't it?)

"Nahi Maasi bus! Khushi theek rehna chahiye haina?" he said brightly!
( Its just that Khushi should be alright! Right?)

Garima put his hand on his head and said as a tear rolled from her eye," Tum bahut pyar karath hona bitiya sey?"
( You love her a lot isn't it?)

Deepthimaan just stared at her dumb founded! She Knew! Oh God The whole world knows! Its as if written all over him but well the lady who is the love of his life does not know! What Irony!
Garima simply said,"Meri beti bahuth bhag waali hain ki ooko Arnav babua jaisey pathi aur Tum jaisa dosth milaa hain! Hum tohra kaisey chukaayein karz bitua?" she folded her hands!
( My daughter is lucky to have a husband like ranav and a friend like you! How do I ever repay your debt?)

"Maasi yeh kya! Aap sab jankey,.... aisa kaisey bol sakthi hain?" Deepthimaan said putting an arm round her!
( Aunty how can you say after knowing everything?)
"Wahee baath tho kaavey hain humey! Hum kuch kar nahi paaye jyun ki inke Babuji ney ristha thai kiya tho aisey ki dui din mein byaah rachaadiya!"Garima lamented!
( Thats what is the irony! Her father has fixed such a match that the marriage got solemnised in two days time)

"Maasi chodiye woh sab! Khushi bahut khush hain bus aur kya chaahiye hamein!" Deepthimaan said earnestly.
( Leave it Aunty! Khushi is happy! What more can we ask for?)

"Accha! Puja key liye aarahe hou na?"( You are coming for the Puja isn't it?)Garima enquired.

"Nahi Maasi aap log  jaayiye please!"( Nope! You carry on please) he begged!
"Nahi bitua sab ghar waley hi..."( No! Its only family and...) Garima tried to reason but thought the better of it and said,"Accha phir aadhey ghantey mein Dubki mein tho bhi aajao! Sab poochrahey hain!"
( In that case come to the dubki in half an hour's time as everyone is asking for you!)

Deepthimaan groaned aloud! He knew Pune waali buaji Khushi ki and Banglore waaley chaacha! Both of them had daughters and they eyed him as their future son in law! NO!!!!!! He was sure they had already mentally printed the wedding invitations with him along with their respective daughters!!!!
Garima smiled and said,"ooke baad Naastha! Tho aajaana babua nahi tho patha haina kyahoga?"
( ...And after that breakfast! Come! Else you know what will happen!)
He knew!
Khushi will throw a tantrum which is very dangerous at times!
"Haan Maasi aavunga!"( Yeah! I shall!) he said and called Neeraj Mishra!



tanmay said...

did mr chandi forget tht we hv a very smart deepu, n a very very capable ASR in khushi's team :):)

as of garima.. it seems she too has just realsied abt deeptimaan's love... else she might hv been able to control herself, especially infront of arnav..

n arnav n khushi :):) t too gd :):) they hv their own set of rituals.. which they follow very beautifully :) .. . loved the whole sindoor scene.. the conversation abt hte mangalsootra..
her acceptance n confession..

n loved the way arnav knew tht she was searching fr maan.. oops.. deepu... sry dost.. wo kya hai naa.. i hd tkn a liking to maan as ur nickname.. n ab bada conciously avoid karna padta hai..
payal ki baat yaad aa jati hai :D

chalo di... jaldi se agle wale me in pics ke bare me batao :)

Lakshmi said...

Another good one...progress of morning after ...u give imporatnace to very minute details, like he adjusting her Odani to cover her mark WOW!! u r awesome in those scenes....i felt very bad when Maan feels that all the people know his emotions & love for Khushi except our very own Rani Saa....that was heart breaking....Missed Maan Megha Interactions....looking forward...

Paramjeet said...

fabulous update !!! love arnav and khushi's romantic moments.. they have become one and the need to be together have also increased.. arnav is so confused to see khushi shedding tears.. loved arnav's attempts to console khushi.. ASR was tight lipped.. wow.. Arnav tying mangalsutra and filling khushi's maang was beautiful.. Garima is sorry for Maan and thus she outbursts at her daughter.. Arnav so surprised to hear the Maan was guiding their privacy whole night.. hope the newspaper is having shocking news for Chandi after all ASR was handling that Raj Sangvi.. loved the update..

jyothi parsi said...

That was another amazing update....loved deep us dedication n it's surely true love.... But never thought a set of relatives can scare him like that n it was funny....
Loved arnav khushi s bonding n wish it will tolerate the tests of political conspiracies n their egos n cheap traps of the enemies.....