Sunday, 28 July 2013


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"Dekh Thakur thu dar gaya! HA ha aha hehe..."( See!You are a chicken!) her laughter was odd and uncontrollable! She giggled away and Deepthimaan found it a little odd but he was so happy that he just blamed it on the situation they both were in! 

"Khushi! I am like a son to your family too! I cannot risk the trust your people put in me any time! Today I know you are yourself and willing but I cannot over step some basic understand!"He explained brushing the errant strands of hair back, that covered her forehead and eyes as she lay on top of him.

'Willing? for what? 'Anyways this feeling of freedom was too good and anyways Maan is there to take care of anything that might go wrong Khushi thought and said,"Oye! Yeh sab bahaaney hain! Dum hain tho humey bathao ki"( These are all excuses! If you have the mettle, then proove it that...) ...Khushi was yet to finish!

Deepthimaan toppled her and said showing his finger to her in a stern warning ,"Khushi I cannot have eternal control! Please ...yaar!!! I....Ohho!!!What do I do With this girl!!!?... So help me!"

She chuckled and toppled him again... they were literally rolling in the hay! And said... ,"Thakur... yeh aisa hi raha tho kitna accha!" ( how nice if this is for ever!) She was referring to her mind that was floating now!
Deepthimaan wanted to put his arms round her as she lay on his chest but propriety prevented him from doing so! So he just let his hands be extended to his sides and very softly asked her... "Rani saa... aap chaahthi kya hain?"

"So all those photos were of these moments!" Arnav spoke aloud his thoughts!...remembering the photos in the second lot... 

A picture of Deepthimaan denying dupatta to Khushi for which she was stretched across him trying to grab it, 

A picture of him lying on top of Khushi the dupatta still in his hand  held high and away from her reach!...and he was warning Khushi about something showing his index finger to her!

One where Khushi's palm was on his cheek and her other arm around him and she was talking to him in earnest

...and the other where she was lying on top of him in the hay with her chin on his chest and her long hair splayed all over... them.... her lips parted in a smile !
"Haan Yaar!" Deepthimaan said hanging his head and leaned his back taking the worn and battered old fort wall for support!


tanmay said...

i will still nevver forget or forgive tht both deeptimaan m payal kept the truth frm elders.. they really r nt worth the trust... as far as i m concerned...

bt yes.. my khushi.. n tht too infront of arnav... well u sure knw him better than tht deeptimaan

like i said... i kept my word di.. i tried.. the best i cud... i hope u wud understand...

tanmay said...

ok deeptimaan.. payal... ur destiny understands u too well..

so let me change.. i understand.. atleast i try to... tht u did wht was rt..

so u r rt.. i fr sure knw tht u r in pain.. terrible pain.. i dont knw hw one lives thru it..

bt i guess i need time to b frnds with u again..

so lets wait.. zindagi abhi baki hai ;)

GoldenHaze said...

Hi Thanu! Welcome back! Well Had I been Deepthimaan or Khushi's Mom I would be really proud of my son for taking such a big responsibility and burden on his heart and never divulge it plunging the family into unnecessary pain and scar a young girl for life fr smthng she never even knew!! Paayal is a true sister as she realised her sister was not a party to it and she gave Maan time to come clean! Which he could not(Reasons yet to be narrated)
HAving said hat, May i even Add that whatever I respect your views! They are how u feel and thanks for being honest! I really love you for that!

tanmay said...

u knw wht.. its bad chatting with u :) u r damn convincing :) ... 1 chat.. n i doubt myself :)

bt again like i said all being rt.. yet soethgs r nt meant to b.. n some r meant to come across with difficulty...

so i guess i m the difficult one :) cozi still love payal fr helping n protecting khushi like she did.. i stiill dont knw hw can someone suffer soo much .. as deeptimaan, n yet face it each day... i wud probably hv moved on..

so ye.. still a long way to go..
fr me tht is..

as of honesty.. well.. cant imagine to lie to u . y.. i dont knw.. :) u just seem like the truth magnet ;)

Paramjeet said...

well can understand maan loyalty to khushi and her family.. but he loved her and if they have married in that state.. he should have accepted it and brought in front of family.. why hide and then he lost her.. but then destiny is big thing khushi was supposed to be with arnav as arnav's khushi.. sorry maan she is not yours and you are saying in front of arnav.. but know arnav won't mind it as he have been always telling maan how can he do so when he loved her so much.. it is bit difficult to understand maan's love for khushi as khushi never reciprocated it but the only fear is know if khushi comes to know about it what will happen.. will arnav, maan and payal able to hide it from khushi as she is behind maan to get married and maan if in anger blabbered what will be the repercussions.. nice update..

Sanju Pal said...

Deeptimaan is utter nonsense...he put sindoor on her even after she said about Amy...I hate him...Khushi will be dead after knowing this...

Lakshmi said...

Maan, what to say!! definitely a loser..but again he saw what he wanted to see and got carried away...I really feel bad for Khushi, hope this truth never comes out infront of her...that will shatter her the most....eagerly waiting for the next....

GoldenHaze said...

@ Sanju Pal! Friend please read the chapter carefully! You will see for yourself! I have a humble request to all my readers that let us not belittle other characters! Khushi and Arnav themselves are not flawless! Deepthimaan got a doubt when she said as he applied sindhoor! And that was the first when Khushi mentioned Amy! IF Deepthimaan was Utter nonsense then, he would have taken advantage and claimed her! he realised she was not what she was doing... and then retreated gracefully causing least damage to both the sides
I hope I clarified! an all said an d done you are entitled to your view! I only gave writers view!

GoldenHaze said...

@ Param! You are right param! Cowardice in some way or the other be it for the sake of Khushi or family... has costed Deepthimaan and he would pay all his life! You need to stand up and accept and express! Yes agreed the situation changed but still he is the worst looser! Thats not his fault but he also did not grab the opportunity so well... his loss!

stories.1408 said...

Loved d last part

namendra shaz said...

Its very rare you find selfless people like Maan. In spite of loving Khushi, he did not stake his claim. Am happy Arnav has Khushi, but once the truth comes out, where will that leave the three of them? What is the validity of the marriages?

Disha said...

OH God i feel for Maan unintentionaly he has landed not only himself but also Khushi in a huge mess.

I dont know if it is right to blame Maan.. clearly he was also not thinking straight and was blinded by his love for Khushi but then i wish he would have atleast confided in Khushi the the next day or whenever he realised that all this was a huge mistake ...Khushi will be shattered when she comes to know of this ...i kinda hope she does not ...she does not deserve this and now after such a long time may take it as a form of betrayal from her trusted friend Maan.

I am pleasantly surprised at the way Arnav has been handling himself with all this new information given to him.
I guess he is secure in his love for and from Khushi!

Looking forward to see aage kya hoga !!

GoldenHaze said...

@ Namendra Shaz Yep! Thats true! But I have been fortunate to see and be with a few such guileless human beings!
Validity of the marriages is an issue but in Deepthimaan's case, They were both inaberrated so its void as far as my limited knowledge of legal system goes! More over even if by coercion arnav took teh girls consent and got married oficially!
Thank you so much for your participation!