Friday, 2 August 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

Khushi stared at the prompt and she did not frankly know what to do! How to feel! She was secure now in her love! But at the same time, Arnav's reluctance to share ate at her all the time!
She always believed that anything has to be shared by free will! Not through coercion or deceit! So all that she could do was wait for her stubborn mule headed husband to tell her whats bothering him as far as the whole La business is concerned! And well if it took time she had all her life to wait for she smiled looking at Arnav's face close to hers!

The vibrations began again and she did not know how to deal with it! She did not want to listen any half- baked one sided stuff that will create misunderstandings between her and Arnav! Never! She kept the phone away and tried to wriggle out of Arnav's hold!

Arnav moved and tried to pull her into him but she slowly extricated herself and called to him saying, "Arnavji hum abhi aathey hain!" ( Be back just now)
He said "Whhh...a.a.hat?" In sleep.

"Hum aathey hain! Aap sojaayiye!"( I shall be back! You just sleep for a while) she said brushing the stray hair that peaked out on to his forehead! He nodded and she told herself,
"Dekha KhushiRaizada! Its not so difficult to handle Mr. Raizada!' and left to change for a rather late lunch!
As she entered the Majhla Darwaaza she noted that there were some voices to be heard and stepped in to get the shock of her life!
La stood there arguing with Buaji!


tanmay said...

oops :) :)

Paramjeet said...

oh God lavanya have thrown out the truth which both arnav and maan are trying to hide from her.. arnav is gonna kill lavanya.. do update soon..

Allison Mark said...

As i Said Doc, Arnav`s arrogancew is going to cost him Khushi which I am totally for. She is better off with Maan than ASR. Cliffhanger again!! Have mercy!!

Lakshmi said...

Just now read the both updates in one go...what Anu u left us dangling...So Lavanya opened it....whether Khushi will know the entire truth??? eagerly waiting to know more....

Disha said...

Oh my God !! La has spilled the beans!:(

I am sure not all hell is gonna break loose !!

MEG said...

Woah...tht ws a total googly. La...I spillin the beans no!!! :o
ust because shes being stubborn-headed inaccepting tht she had been totally rejected by ASR....she still comes avenge for it...being blind. Tht is so cruel of LA to do it....but off ourse one blinded by jealousy never sees can't really put all blame on her.

But what abt Maan? What did he deduce of Arnav's havard mind plans? Kuch samajh ni aaya.....sab sir ke upar se gya..Ji...Deepuji ....thoda humein bhi samjha jate ki kya samajh aaya? Koi ni...I'llwait....till when things actually clear out...but itna bata dete khuhi ke liye danger level kyun bad gya?
Aur agar woh photos chandi's ne nahi bheje the....toh aur bada figure kaun h? Has he been mentioned before? Ya phir ...koi nayi entry?