Sunday, 4 August 2013



Deepthimaan walked towards the Majhla Darwaza and he saw Vaishnavi and Sanju with Megha walking towards the same and Vaishnavi immediately caught his arm and asked him," Kahaan gaya tha reh Deepu?"
Pic Credit:SSNAIR

( Where were you Deepu?)

"Maa! My aur Arnav kahin bahar ho aaye! Kya hua?" Deepthimaan spoke softly to his mom.
( Whats up Mom! Me and Arnav went out on an errand).

"Arey? Kya hua? Tumhey humaari fikr hai bhi yaa nahin? Kab aaye kya hua kuch khabar tho nahi rehtha hain!Uper sey... "Sanju held her mom's arm in a tight grip and winked at her reminding her about Megha's presence!
(What happened? Doyou care for us at all? We do not have any information about your where abouts! And on top of that...)

Vaishnavi immediately changed her tone and said," Beta... kuch bathaathey tho... aur humaarey sath thodi si waqth bithaathey!"
(Son! We would know... if you let us know! And spend time with us...)
Deepu smiled and said," Haan maa! Zaroor! Mumbai jaaney ke baad waqt hi waqt hoga! Per yahaan my council ka head hun! Tho... yeh doh din agar yahan kuch gadbad hua tho I am responsible maa!"
(Yeah mom sure! Well... There will be lots of time once we return to Mumbai!But here, Ia m the head of teh security council!If something goes wrong in these two days,I shall be responsible).

He turned to Sanju and said," I am sorry Sanju! I shall be around for the party! We shall catch up then and smiled at Megha and said," I am sure your friend is enjoying her stay in the Sheesh Mahal!"
Megha looked at a man who was actually apologising! She had lived in a family that was male dominated! A father and two brothers and a variety of cousins! She had the opinion that men were ruled by their ego! And they acted differently! Here She saw Deepthimaan Singh Rathore,who was not at all supporting her theory on men! He seemed to be a tough man while protecting Rani saa, while He spoke so softly to his mom that she had to blink her eyes to see if it was him! The man had oodles of charm! Very handsome and smart but had the presence of a time bomb! It ticked and you never knew when it would blow!The only place that he seemed different was when he was with the queen of Ranpur!Megha shook her head to clear her thoughts as Sanju looked at her amusedly!

Deepthimaan hugged his mom by putting an arm round her and walked with them to the Gol Baramda!


tanmay said...

ASR badly needed :) :)

Disha said...

Omg god this is gonna blow up like a freaking time bomb!

Arnav does not know what all she heard from La .. and that she wanted to call him and attend the Bitch...

Maan landed up where Arnav should have come ..and now La with her taunts has gone mad!

I just hope the Arnav does not get upset with Khushi ...what ever happens i am scared since even their relationship is new and only started to blossom and now all this anguish !! :(

And megha ka to alag hi track chal raha hai ....

Lakshmi said...

What's next???? Hope Arnav comes and handle this better....he has to show La her place once for all ...but he's already mad?? i'm scared...waiting...

tanmay said...
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MEG said...

Arrghh! I wrote a one good length comment nd all went down d drain.... :'(

Anyways...deepu is indeed so cordial he is...tht everytime u talk abt him...t feels bomobs started ticking in my heart too. *drooling*
And though....I understand ht Deepu is one who won't notice girls....nytime now atleast.....but phir bhi...selfish me asking...jyaada kuh nahi...bus ek naye friend k point of view se hi sahi..mke him toh start noticing quaities in Megha too. Plz pl ;)
Aur La...well isse kehte h kulhadi maarna. She's blinded with her usse kuch b nhi dikh rha...she'll just keep on instigating khushi...uska toh abhi mooh band hoga b nhi.
But deepu....let him realse once y khuhi is sobbing....bus phir to la gyi....
Aur Arnav babua...poor him. Kitni koshish krta h sab theek krne unki life kuch heek toh jaise reh hi nhi,sakta. The more of an insecure person he is deep within...morer do troubles tail him.
I m eager to know wat will he do of La the minute he realises her doing....
And even morer eager to know wat will Khushi's and arnavs reaction will be towards each other...when thy will both realise what fuss La had actually been talking abt.
Waitng for next update. :)