Sunday, 11 August 2013



Pic Credit: SSNAIR

"Khushi suno DAMNIT!!! my tumsey...baath..."( Khushi! I am talking to you! How could you?)Arnav was in blind rage how dare she walks away like that!
"Woh bahut sun chuki hain! Aur kya sunaana baaqi hain Arnie!" Deepthimaan said coldly!!
( She had heard a lot already! Whats more is there to listen Arnie?)

"Terey wajah sey hi yeh sab hua! Thu chup kar!" Arnav sneered!
( Its all because of you! You shut up)

"Ab myney kya kiya?" (Now what did I do?) Deepthimaan asked laughing! 
"Teri ex aayi! Jo muh mein aaya baqi aur thu usey sambhaalney ke bajaay isey kyun suna raha hain?" Depehimaan huffed!
( Your ex came and she lashed out at Khushi! Whatever came to her mind,.. and instead of taking care of her why are you shouting at Khushi?)

"Thu sar chadhakey jo rakhaa hai isko woh..." ( You have hyped her up so much that she...)Arnav lashed out at Deepthimaan!
"Arnie grow up! Khushi hain aaj isliye thu abhi khadaa hokey usey gaali deh rahaa hain! Koi aur pathni hothi naa,...Jo bhi hua uskey baad tho tumhey aur tumhari MY-ASR ko goli sey udaa dethi!" Deepthimaan explained!
( Arnie grow up! Because its Khushi you are still here shouting at Khushi! If it were some other lady, any wife for that, after what had happened she would have shot you and your ex) 


Lakshmi said...

NEW FF...A Dialogue in the Dark!!! finally going to be out of ur system...bring it on...Hey is that a new blog???anways count me... i'm in ...eagerly waiting to this update i loved the conversation between Arnav and Maan...very meaningful ...also like the comfort level these two share after everything happened and known to them...looking forward..

jyothi parsi said...

The update was good considering that they did understand that some thing big is planned against ARSHI ....but deeptimaan understood khushi so well.... But ofcourse he is the friend n loves her to core....but how does arnav think that he can get away by hurting her always ..