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This is a Guest Post by GOLDEN READER

 Anu Reddy

On an early morning being an insomniac while reading Mirage and all happy about Arnavji and Khushi’s journey saw a note about a new story from our sweet Writer sa. 

When I saw the mail I was confused and thought did I read it right?... did she really say it was a story about Khushi and Maan what the! 

Once the access came, I started reading thinking oh no! Arnav’s dead and Khushi's sad and I hope whole story will not be like watching a Meena Kumari movie, boy was I wrong. 

When Maan entered the story I was thinking no way you are going to make me a Maanshi believer pal no way it is not happening. The way he carried a torch for Khushi and he was happy in her happiness, just wanted to give her some solace and support during her rough patch made me think  this character is okay let me see how Anu will mold him to be as good as Arnav. I could feel his love and anguish for her to just see a smile on her face, he could go to any lengths to make her feel secured. Once I saw how much swagger he had and unlike our Arnavji he is so patient and could wait a life time for just hear his love say those magic words made me think aww he is so worthy of my time and effort into reading this story .

Coming to our Khushi, I knew her character from Mirage and I thought I know what to expect from this story from her but I was surprised all kudos to our writer ji she is strong yet vulnerable, she is lovable yet stubborn, she can understand every emotion of Maan except the one emotion that he wants her to understand even after him doing everything except yelling from all the roof tops lol!! She is everything you expect from Khushi, just waiting to see her come out of this vulnerable stage and become a little naughty 

Love all the nok-jhok and the chemistry is so sizzling and hot that you could burn my ipad with it  DYM is so addictive that it makes me beg Anu for a new update the minute she updates and makes me think about the Arnav's famous dialog “what have you done to me” lol!!!

DYM has totally made me think about my love for Arshi and believe in Maanshi and root for them, despite of all the odds that were against them and how long Maan had to wait for this day. This story is definitely a good read if I had to put it in one word it is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Anu you made me a Maanshi believer bas that is all I have to say!!!


Hey Anu and my dear friends,

When I started writing Mirage and started sketching each character I had one thing on my mind that each character should have a weightage of its own and should stand on its own! Deepthimaan was one such character which had to be etched for the sake of Khushi and Arnav getting together above all obstacles! Over a period of time, the writer in me wanted to experiment with the character and more and more readers started asking me to give him a female lead unable to see his plight!
I thought for a while and realised that the essence of his character was true and unconditional love! The flavour would be lost if he reconciled to someone else... it was the same with Khushi! Throughout the Mirage and Pursuit Deepthimaan stands tall and unyielding a she had sold his soul off! There is no turning back and no one else for him!

So there came DESTINY U&ME!

I am an Arshi fan too and it was a tad difficult but thought why not experiment with it as I was confident of Deepthimaan's character-such guileless human being can never be hated come what may! Many criticised and demeaned my plot in the Pursuit... I accept their views...

However, this experiment with the interplay of deep intense and conflicting emotions will always remain very dear to me as  a writer! I always will be thankful to those who subscribed to it keeping their faith in me and supported me to write this!

Anu Reddy! Thank you so much that despite your busy schedule you took time out to share your views with all of us and its an honour dear! Waiting for my other readers to present their views too...Bring it on ye' readers...

Happy Diwali to you all...

Enjoy and Express...

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Anu Reddy said...

OMG you updated my review, I'm so honored. You are an amazing writer, I could not do justice with my review!!

GoldenHaze said...

My pleasure dear! Thank you so much Anu!