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To begin with I really hope that my thoughts come across half as good as how i feel when i read DYM.

I came across Anu on India Forums when I read the prologue for Mirage and in an instant this whole exotic appeal where Khushi is a Princess and Arnav not anything less than a "Prince" attracted me in an instant. And I am happy and proud to say i have been with her since for ever.

Coming to DYM , I remember Anu had initially asked her readers if they would be interested to read a story which is not about Arnav and Khushi , but Maan would be the protagonist and I saw quite a number of readers were a little apprehensive , as far as I was concerned I was sure that when Anu writes with the conviction she has this story will in all probability go beyond Mirage and i can literally see that happening.

Maan , This character has been sketched out so damn well that it is almost impossible to not fall in love with him.
He is not merely smitten by Khushi , he is completely and irrevocably in love with her and has come to a point where he is not shying away from expressing it.
He is not only a strong individual , but what I  find the most endearing quality in him is his ability to sense Khushi's most intimate thoughts without her even batting an eyelash. 
He has style , he is suave and he loves like a rock.

Khushi , I am amazed to see how the writer has managed to retain her integrity despite the sensitive topic of remarriage this story has as a sub plot.  And in no terms does it generate any sense of pathos.Even after going though hell and back she stands with her head held high.

DYM has been an enriching experience for me , where each day i look forward to find a new update and read what these two are up to.

Also would like to mention here that even all the side characters in this story enhance its appeal , as in what fun would it be if the main leads don't have interruptions and are one from the beginning.
The fun lies in seeing them full fill this journey of a lifetime.
On a side note the romance in this story is extremely exhilarating and will leave you asking for more and more and more ! Its a never ending cycle :)


Dear DIsha and my dear friends...

Sometimes I feel so embarassed at being called a writer as I find that all my readers are much better writers than me. Be it vocabulary, expression, presentation or organisation of thoughts!

Let me share one important thing about Disha! She is the first follower of the GOLDENHAZEFICTION followed by Lakshmi( Sandhya-sp IF)and Thanmay.

When so many people did not trust my story line, this witty and very smart reader of mine simply penned four words and won my heart once again, giving me a new lease of inspiration.

YOU WRITE...I read!

I feel very humble to write for readers like her who are regular in their reviews and so much so that I feel very guilty if I don't update as they are so regular in commenting, reviewing, dropping messages in my chat box or sending ocassional Pms to enquire about the next work of mine!

Disha... Deepthimaan is a dream come true and an epitome of classy and absolutely earth shattering emotions of very high intensity! Certain individuals stand apart due to the intensity of their thoughts, purity of their heart and its purpose and Integrity! Thakur Deepthimaan Singh Rathore is one such character I happened to conceive!

Deepthimaan is sauve, very reserved but can be a dynamite if provoked! He is not pushy or overwhelming like Arnav but very soft yet very firm in his dealings! And his blue blood always makes his bearing and his actions regal and very well balanced! However he is human too! So his intensity brings out violent outbursts of self destruction coupled with martyrdom due to inability to clinch opportunities at the others' cost!
Mirage and Pursuit would have lacked the spice if it were not for our dear Maan! We are happy in our ARSHI world! Yet to strengthen the plot I ushered in our Kunwar of Mehraangarh who won the hearts of many!

Disha always teases me saying Maan's character is very dear to my heart! There is no doubt about that! He is adorable and every lady would definitely fall in love with this charming, sensitive and absolutely principled lawyer who has eyes only for Khushi!

Thank you so much for loving my work and Happy Diwali!!!!

Enjoy and Express...

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Lakshmi said...

Disha i can't agree more than what you have written about DYM...I second each word of your's...