Saturday, 2 November 2013


This is a Guest Post by GOLDEN READER LAKSHMI

       When Anu first told about Maan & Khushi story, honestly though I trust her writing skills,  I was not much interested in their story. But when i read the prologue...God!! that was simply beautiful. Maan's longing to be with his love of life and Khushi being caught up in her own world completely unaware of that ,  was captured in mesmerising words.....There i really got an inclination to know about their Destiny..... I'm here now....

    Anu you are doing  a wonderful job and i love to read Maan & Khushi's journey. I'm addicted now... will be apt thingto say....I liked the positivity of this story line...Khushi is almost dead emotionally after losing Arnav, but Maan is leaving no stones unturned to bring the needed oxygen in her life, Liveliness.... The Love , that to what Maan has for this Rani Saa is amazing and out of world.....You have absolutely deviated it  to a  very intense love story rather  by adapting a clinched sober way. That itself is a proof of your creativity and positivity.....which i'm badly addicted to now....

    I'm so glad to be in your reader's list. My best wishes for all your future endeavours too.


Dear Lakshmi and my dear friends...
I am overwhelmed by the support from you all in the form of reviews that are flowing in and thank you for the same.

Lakshmi is another reader who had always been there from the beginning of Mirage and silently sent me fantastic reviews in PMs. When I thought of DYM I happened to discuss it with her and she was of the mind that I should always go ahead with my heart's desire!

She is an ARSHI fan, yet she egged me on... so much so that I sent her the prologue for a pre-read before publishing! It was then that she simply asked me to go ahead as she felt that the treatment of the story line would definitely make DYM a good read!!!

Lakshmi's reviews are always stressing on the interplay of intense emotions be it Khushi and Maan or Khushi and herself or Khushi and Arnav! Thank you Lakshmi for being a great support... and its a great privilage to write to readers like you!


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