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Deepthimaan stared hard in the muted light of the passage and he saw someone well built passing by! Was it the guard or was it... there was a sound behind him and he turned to see a lady who banged into him looking the other way... and was about to shout when he closed her mouth with his palm lest the tresspasser might get alerted!
The woman tried to free herself but he was too strong for the petite lady and he backed her to the wall to look at who it was!
The intruder was gone! Deepthimaan cursed himself and directed his anger on the lady!
" I am removing my hand and I will kill you if you open your mouth and put his pistol to her head!" Just in case...
The lady nodded and he removed his hand! She gasped for breath and struggled to have a glimpse of him as she was in the light but he was in the shadows!
"Who are you?" Deepthimaan asked!
"Me... megha!" She blurted!
"Megha who?" Deepthimaan asked as he did not recollect any relative of the Jethwas by that name! He knew everyone!
"Sanju's friend!" she said shakily!

Deepthimaan immediately put his gun down and said," What are you doing here at this hour?"
"I ... er.,... wanted some water and came out" she could not say the rest as it sounded so silly.
"Got lost!" he finished for her!
"Ok! Where are you put up?" Deepthimaan enquired looking for the intruder still! He needed to talk to the security chief soon.
"I dunno!" Megha said.
"What?" Deepthimaan asked.
"I dunno! I don't remember anything as this place is ... so complicated!" Megha said.

"Ok! Tell me where are you east, west...!"
"Oh! I think.... ah!!! WEST!!!!West!" she said confidently!

"Oh yeah? Then you are home!This is west Lady!" he said to an embarassed Megha!
"Oh!!! I ... Haan! I passed through Devi mayya temple!" she said thinking...if that helped ...well?

"Great everyone passes through that once when they cross a wing coz its in the centre of Sheesh Mahal!" Deepthimaan said curtly!He was running low on patience!
He had to do something about Khushi and Arnav's"s security as come morning it was Holi... and he could do without this nit-wit of a woman!


nimmi(aksuji) said...

amazing beautiful update diiii......megha and deepthiman's meeting was a blast..........loved megha is the one for thakur.....
finally khushi feels at home ,she feels loved..........
beautiful amazing update..........

tanmay said...

megha n deeptiman meeting was gr8 :) i love this deepu teasing, playing along.. having fun.. :) :)

as of arnav n khushi.. kya kahen.. just beautiful... he is soo damn possessive abt her..

wht got my complete attention in this update was tht sthg happened during holi 3 yrs bak... n tht is sthg tht khushi wants to forget, n deepu is also effected by tht i m sure...

till nw i thot.. he just doesnt pay coz of khushi's allergy or sthg.. bt nw i m sure sthg serious happened..

so i m eager to knw tht :) n i m eager fr arnav to knw tht khushi is nt crying coz she is hurt... she is crying coz she is finally home :) :) somewhr she belongs... somwhr tht belongs to her :) .. him n his heart :)

next one soon di :)

Lakshmi said...

nice one ....Finally Maan & Megha met...that was really good...liked the way u inserted their previous conversation....what's next??? ...waiting...

GoldenHaze said...

Hey Nimm Thanu and Ammu..
Thank you! What next? Well we all have to wait and see... ha ha ah! But I really am relieved now that I wrote that much awaited SR! Dunno how I bungled up as I did not get much feedback on writing part:-p
Well...thanks and keep reading!

Disha said...

Hey Anu... i am writing a consolidated comment for both the last 2 updates!

I was behind your life for their consummantion scene (sorry for irritating the hell out of you) but i have to say a huge thank you for writing it so beautifully!

I was genuinely not expecting them to do it so i was like really shocked when i read the update!

Loved how you kept Arnav and Khushi intact with their characteristics even in thier lovemaking.
Arnav by nature is a passionate man and that comes across in all his dealings so obviosly seeing him in action was awesome.
And Khushi finally came to the conclusion that you cannot love some one with conditions...its always unconditional and you set your love free ... it will come back to you if its yours.
Arnav is head over heals in love with his wife was so apparent even during their lovemaking.

Their coming together was beautifully written and loved the intensity behind it.
Great Job Anu.

And coming to todays update ...ohhh the morning after was again so beautifully written..
like always i love the way you pen Arnav's dialogues they are so romantic and aggressive but not like a chauvinist thing.
The way he made her take his name .... wow simply wow!

Also finally he asked her the epic Tum theek ho dailogue ....loving to see Khushi also visually showcase her love for him finally !
Cant wait to read what she said next !!!!!

Coming to Megha and Maan.... eeks i was laughing like crazy reading that part.... sach main namooni nikli yeh ,megha .. but i hope she has entered as his love interest .....Maan really is too good !!

GoldenHaze said...

Dr.Disha... Thank you! Your appreciation is the power in my knuckles...kya karien yaar fuel in my pen zamana gaya ab tho sab type karna padtha hain! But thanks agar aap aur thanu na hothi tho bichaarey bhatakthey hothey...dunnon! Hai reh Nand Kishore

Lakshmi said...

Anu again u have done a good job in this update..Arnav once found that he has mistaken Khushi, he never went back again.he did all to overcome his mistake by misjudging her..after that he wanted to rectify his mistake and by the time he also realised that He has a very deeep emotions tied with her....Khushi is the one who had lot of inhibitions of her past experiences with loved ones...she wanted assurance..she understood Arnav and the deep emotions she too had for him never needed any worldly assurance when he removed her Mangalsutra...i loved the lines there....she has come a long way...Also the last lines of this update when ASR felt that he's not the same....goes to both...u 've written it so beautifully that it turned out not just their love making...something has changed as individuals too...they both has changed a lot for this bond and in this bond ....excellent job....

I too wish what Disha said...ditto...Megha being love interest...Maan needs someone with whom he can be what he's...he worships khushi...but needs a partner with whom he can share his pain...he'll never do that with Khushi as he can't see her in i'm eagerly looking forward...

tanmay said...

well i liked the cute fight like conversation they had .. i mean deepu n megha..
oh i shud mention here tht i call him deepu coz payal told us all tht deepu doesnt like anyone other than khushi calling him maan ;) :P ab humko pistol dikhaya to hum to behosh hi ho jayenge...
n hum khushi thode hi hain.. humko uthana bhi ek bada task ho jaega ;)

back to the pt..
the kind of conversation deepu shared with megha... gives a hope tht he might b able to b frnds with her.. where he can share his feelings... well thts wht my exp says..
baki namooni to wo packcka hai.. bt a cute sample :) :) she is soo innocent tht she even wanted to tip bahadur deepu singh :) :)

ok imagine... wht wud happen whn khushi n arnav get to knw tht deepu had changed to bahadur deepu singh in the night :) n was offered a tip as well :) :)

anudi.. batao naa.. kya hoga..

GoldenHaze said...

Bhai likhthey hain! Taniq rukiye! Hiyaan roz roz itna likhnaa bahuth bhaari padhrahaa hain! Thanu thank you for your witty and indepth reviews and Ammu thanks yaar simple and very in depth reviews give us writers some inspiration!